03.12.2016 – 14.01.2017

Tamina Amadyar, Thomas Arnolds, Tom Biber, Kamilla Bischof, André Butzer, Aneta Corovic, Ben Cottrell, Günther Förg, Tine Furler, Thomas Grötz, Philipp Haager, Andy Hope 1930, Marcel Hüppauff, Cris Kirkwood, David Klasson, Erwin Kneihsl, Florin Kompatscher, Maja Körner, Jinn Bronwen Lee, Stefan Löffelhardt, Daniel Mendel-Black, Ernst Wilhelm Nay, Andy 9er, John Newsom, Albert Oehlen, Aribert von Ostrowski, Janne Räisänen, Matthias Schaufler, David Schutter, Philipp Schwalb, Frank Stürmer, André Talborn, Stefan Thater, Jakob Ullmann, Thomas Winkler, Ulrich Wulff, Josef Zekoff

Curated by André Butzer

André Butzer, b. 1973, has invited more than 30 international artists in the period leading up to Christmas to the comprehensive group exhibition “Der Funke soll in Dir sein” [Engl.: “The spark should be inside you”]. The exhibition brings together the works of more than 30 international artists in the Salon Dahlmann for the first time. The word “Funke” [German for “spark”, also in the metaphorical sense of illumination] in the exhibition title is reminiscent of the English word “funk”, meaning either a state of fear or a musty smell. A further association in German is the word “funken”, meaning both “to spark” and “to broadcast” or “to transmit”.  These concepts are cautiously brought into association, conveying an ageless truth about the nature of enlightened artistic creation. The participants of the exhibition combine this magical, divine and, therefore, purely relative element, not only drawing upon it as an inspiration for their images, like a creative genetics of cosmic vibrations, but allowing it to unfold rhythmically in their beautiful works.
We cordially invite you to this exhibition!

Text: Steffen Krüger