13th – 27th October 2013

It appears to me that in his loving affection Wulff scans the entire surface of each painting methodically. Wulff’s own perspective within the complex history of painting shows the space of the painting as the image itself; what it is, was, and will be.

There is no behind, in front, or beside on the canvas as in life, since stories are made and/or things happen when we, with our human perception, consider the world as a tool for superficial guidance. But if we pause, out of fear or in the immeasurable milliseconds of meditation, we project forwards in the existential immediacy of our eternal so-called beings. And here, dear reader, is where art begins.

Wulff’s paintings (and apparently also increasingly his own life) are anointed with the dead bodies of narrative. They are completed through and with narrative, to give the soul insight into the now of painterly construction.

For the Allgäu native, Ulrich Wulff’s first solo exhibition at Bernd Kugler Gallery in Innsbruck in 2010, the art expert and music theorist, Thomas Winkler, stated something which still rings true. “Enlightenment comes from an awakening to the everyday. Every search for the extraordinary AND leads one off their path. The result should be a leap into the ALSO of the everyday. Rather than wander elsewhere, the gaze should delve into the immanent present.”

We’ll see.

George Porcari
Leland de la Durantaye
Veronica Gonzales-Peña
Robert Dewhurst
Tif Sigfrids

October 2013, Los Angeles, California

Since the beginning of this year, the artist has been building a house surrounded by fifty hectares of land in the Mojave desert, on the border between California and Arizona. Created as “Wulff’s Artistic Training Facility Chambless, California”, the space opens a marvelous world for artistic production and collaboration.

The first oil paintings from this project will be presented this November at Tif Sigfrid gallery, Los Angeles, supported by the board of LACMA in Los Angeles.

At this year’s NADA Miami Beach, Wulff had a solo presentation

In the spring of 2012, together with Sophie Jung, Zoe Claire Miller, and Alicia Reuter, the artist founded the BERLIN ART PRIZE, the city’s first independent art prize.

Alongside numerous group exhibitions such as “Niveaualarm”, (Innsbruck, 2007) and “The professor Winkler scholarship Berlin”, (2005), Ulrich Wulff runs the Berlin based publishing house Heckler und Koch, and the virtual gallery, European Fine Art, together with his collaborators and friends, Thomas Winkler and André Butzer.

13th – 27th October

Every Saturday after 4 p.m. by appointment you are cordially invited to visit the private apartment with selected works from the Miettinen collection and the Hans Arp sculpture in the courtyard of the house.