26. April – 13. Mai 2012

The exhibition’s concept focuses on the fascination with and the origins of collecting.

Finnish collector Timo Miettinen invites fellow collectors from Berlin to exhibit the artwork that marked the beginning of their personal career as a collector. Miettinen as host also shows the work that represents the initial spark for his collecting, initiating a dialogue on the phenomenon of collecting art.

Each work exhibited is accompanied by a statement of the collector describing the key moment connected with the respective work. In best salon culture tradition, the piano nobile of the Marburger 3 thus presents, discusses and documents a polyphony of voices and images. A conscious choice was made to ask collectors of different generations to share their key moment in order to give a multi-layered panoramic view of the Berlin collecting landscape.

Timo Miettinen Hosts Berlin Art Collectors

Fotografiesammlung Arthur de Ganay – Juerg Judin – Christina und Christian Kohorst – Siggy und Sissi Loch – Jürgen und Gabriele Lucius – N.N. – Paul Maenz – Timo und Iiris Miettinen – Privatsammlung Berlin – Sammlung Rolf Ricke – Sammlung Evergreen – Sammlung Ulla und Heiner Pietzsch – Rocca Stiftung – Christian Schwarm – Moi Soltek – Giovanni Springmeier – Gerd de Vries